Bulgarian Fashion Photographers Association is a non governmental organization.
The main goal of Bulgarian Fashion Photographers Association (BFPA) is to bring professional fashion photographers together, protect their rights, as well as advertise and promote their photography.
BFPA provides information services and educational programs, organizes exhibitions and publications in order to expose Bulgarian fashion photographers Internationally.
To achieve this goals we have International partners. We are member of International Photographic Council. They work with worldwide leading companies producers of professional photographic equipement, such as Nikon, Eastman Kodak, Epson America and so on. International photographic Council is a hat, also of leading professional associations, such as Federation of European Photographers, Bulgarian Fashion Photographers Association, National Geographic, American Society of Media photographers, Japanese Photo Culture, Pakistan Institute of Photography, International Image Industry and so on. The organization are partners with United Nations and is founded  45 years ago.
We are also dealing with Fashion Weeks, such as Milan Fashion Week ,Mercedes Benz Malta Fashion Week, Budapest Fashion Week, Global Sustainable Fashion Week, Serbia Fashion Week. We were co-organizer of Balkan Fashion Week 2016 and 2017, A Shaded Fashion Film Festival 2017 by Diane Pernet ,which were held at Rainbow Plaza and Nu Boyana Film Studios
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